Helping Hands for Cancer Patients & Their Families

Jean Schoen 2015
Hi, my name is Jean Schoen and I am the Founder of Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio, Inc. In February of 2000, my husband, Greg, was diagnosed with Melanoma. Who knew that three simple words could be so terrifying and life-changing: YOU HAVE CANCER.

When Greg and I first heard those frightening words spoken by the doctor, it felt like our world was crumbling down around us. We were relatively young (certainly too young for cancer), eight years into our marriage, and the parents of three daughters between the ages of 2-6. Would Greg die? What kind of treatments would he have to endure? And at what cost? How will I survive if I lose my husband? What will our daughters do without their loving father? The questions and concerns seemed endless.

Fortunately, in our case, Greg’s cancer was caught early and the prognosis was quite good. The thought of surgery to remove the cancer was scary, but the assurances from our oncologist were comforting. Unfortunately, Greg developed an infection which left a hole in his back that took a year to heal. All things considered, though, the process went as well as we could have hoped. Greg will see an oncologist for the rest of his life, but has been cancer free ever since.

Our cancer journey was made much easier by our fantastic support system, consisting of loving family and friends. In the following years, as several of those friends and family were also afflicted with cancer, we became crucial parts of their support systems. In each case, I remembered just how daunting the cancer journey is, and I wanted to help others in any way that I could.

My career experience has always been primarily in the health care industry, with an emphasis on hospice and home health care in the years after our cancer journey. The knowledge that I gained in those years helped me to realize that there are many resources available that I wish Greg and I had known about. I wanted others to be armed with the information that we lacked, in order to ease their fears.

With the tremendous help of many friends, family, associates, a fantastic Board of Directors, and outstanding volunteers; Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio, Inc. was born.

Who are we?

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created because of a personal cancer experience.  Having realized a need in the community for additional support on behalf of cancer patients and families, this organization was founded in December of 2008.  We are comprised of Volunteers and Board Members who are passionate about assisting others in our community.


What have we accomplished?

Since forming in December, 2008 we have helped hundreds of people through their cancer journey. We continue to research the unmet needs of cancer patients and their families in our community and strive to create the additional programs that fulfill those needs.  We do not compete with any programs already in place; instead we partner with local businesses and other organizations in order to ensure that all of those affected by cancer are served.


How are we funded?

In order to continue providing for those with cancer, we need the financial support of the members of our community.  Please consider donating to our organization and make a difference in the life of someone who needs our help. 



At Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio, Inc., we believe it is important to take care of the whole person. We envision cancer patients and their families receiving readily available support and resources that go beyond fighting the disease itself; aid that focuses on taking care of the hearts and minds of those individuals impacted by cancer.

Our long term goal is to take this concept to other cities and assist in the creation of similar organizations that will fill the needs of those communities.